kassie heaton

Kassie is new to the Kansas City area, and grew up in California. She started off working in the behavioral world as a DSP/Med-Aid working in homes, supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages. Kassie found her passion for being a voice and helping adolescents, and continued in this field. She worked as a Lead Rehab Tech for adolescents, with trauma, mental health and substance abuse issues by providing patient care and leading educational groups. She truly found her drive for behavior, and started working as an RBT working one on one, in a classroom, home environment and clinic setting, utilizing the model of Applied Behavior Analysis. Kassie has had many advocates, teachers, and mentors in her life, she would like to pass on this gift to a child, who simply just wants to be heard or understood and give them the chance they deserve. She wants to make a difference on many different levels. Kassie is working everyday to try and change a child’s reality one day at a time, and changing her knowledge one class at a time, she will continue studying and continuing her education toward earning a Bachelors in Social Work. When she is not working, she enjoys walking around in nature or being on her parents farm surrounded by all her animals.