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heather wilkins

Heather grew up in the Kansas City area.  She began tutoring elementary students in reading and math in high school and immediately knew she wanted to be a teacher.  Heather graduated from the University of Missouri -­‐ Kansas City where she earned a B.S. in Elementary Education.  Heather holds Missouri state teaching certificates in Elementary for grades 1-­‐ 6 and Special Education for grades K-­‐12.  Heather has spent over fifteen years in the education field working in both classroom settings and supplemental education.  She has worked with students from age 4 1/2 through adult age.  Heather joined Milestones Academy in December 2013 as the Process Coordinator. She is also the special education teacher for the Milestones Academy Secondary Classroom. She loves getting to work with students, parents, and school districts to ensure each student's needs are met and they have a successful experience at Milestones Academy.