Our outpatient and school-based therapists consists of highly qualified licensed speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapist. Our outpatient clinic provides individualized 1:1 therapy sessions focusing on increasing your child’s skill and knowledge base.  

Our speech-language pathologists target skills including receptive and expressive language delays, cognitive skill, articulation, AAC, social skills, phonemic awareness and reading, and swallowing.

Our occupational therapists target skills including fine motor skills (ex: handwriting, cutting, bilateral integration), sensory integration, emotional regulation, and feeding.

Our physical therapist targets gross motor skills essential for walking, running, jumping, and playing.

Our outpatient clinic accepts private insurance and private pay.

If interested in our outpatient services, please call our Intake Coordinator to schedule an evaluation. Please fill out an intake form located at the bottom of this page and bring to your evaluation.